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Request a magician in the Var for all your private parties!

Magicians have always been prized for the shows they put on during performances and fairs to which they are invited. Magic tricks captivate everyone, not only because they’re out of the ordinary, but also because they’re funny. Go for high-end, refined magic with the best of magicians: Wonder Edwrick. This magician in the Var promises you a multitude of magic shows and various animations. So, for your corporate parties, your
wedding events
If you want to entertain your guests, call on a top-of-the-range magician to create the right atmosphere with a magic show?

magician Var

Choose your magician in the Var for a top-of-the-range magic show.

Trained to perform magic in the best possible way, Wonder Edwrick knows exactly how to liven up a private party to make it unforgettable, such as an end-of-year meal, an adult birthday party or a child’s birthday party. Her challenge in the event business is to ensure that all guests, without exception, enjoy a sensational, simply prodigious and magical experience!
Her challenge in the event business is to ensure that all guests, without exception, enjoy a sensational, simply prodigious and magical experience!

What kind of magician for your private parties?

The close-up magician

This style of magician makes extensive use of cards and objects in their magic. He knows how to use his props to great effect, and manages to create amazement with his crowd. This is the style of magician to call during cocktail parties or events that offer individuals the chance to bond together. For a big event, the close-up man is the perfect person to help you produce the atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of.

The illusionist

This type of magician is recruited to create deceptions in theaters. These illusionists manage to make various tools, and even people, fly away during the show. They produce prodigies that are not intelligible to everyone. They are ideal for school events and children’s shows. In the Var, you can meet one of these magicians and illusionists who will make your evenings unique and perfect.

The mentalist

If you’re setting up a private party that will admit the company of people of a certain level in the social organization, scholars, the elderly and others, this style of magician is the one for you. He makes no use of props or cards, but draws on the skills of spiritual or mental suggestion to establish surprise with his audience. He can also have some characters perform actions and make announcements. It really makes evenings very unique, but also full of novelties.

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Var magic lessons, to impress your guests yourself!

Private magic lessons. Have you always dreamed of mastering this science in order to surprise your family? Then this is the option for you! Wonder Edwrick offers private magic lessons in the Var region, depending on your schedule. It presents different lessons of the length of your choice, on the chosen theme. Show magic, hypnosis, wedding magic, magic lessons – all areas can be taught. He teaches you how to build a children’s show from scratch, and teaches you the tricks of the trade. Each study has the accessories you need.

Our courses are aimed at anyone wishing to develop their magic skills.

The Var magician at your wedding ceremony

When it comes to wedding parties, there’s nothing better than noticing that each and every one of your friends is happy to spend a unique moment with you. As such, in addition to each of the activities you’ve organized, you can create other animations with, for example, magic animations or bring in a professional mag ician to your wedding party. When you want to build strong emotions to make your wedding event unforgettable, you can do just that, and allow your guests to witness live several magic tricks they thought impossible. A mentalist or illusionist magician would be a welcome addition to your wedding party to brighten up all your friends.


Why not use a Var magician to bind your team together?

In an industry, it’s important to organize team-building events from time to time to strengthen ties. If you have a specific way of doing things, it’s surely possible to produce things differently by calling in a close-up man magician who can easily adapt to it. With its magic passes, you’ll be in a position to develop attachments as you seek explanations for everything you’ve seen. It’s important to pay original attention to the way you organize your team-building events in the past. Wouldn’t you like to add a touch of originality to what you do? Then contact magician Var, Wonder Edwrick.

Choosing a magician for your children’s birthday party in Var

Children mean parties, birthdays and all kinds of activities. For a Var children’s birthday party, if you don’t know what to do, you can organize a magic show at home and invite your children to invite their friends. What’s more, if you’re a secondary school, and you want to organize a closing party or a celebration at your school, a magic show for kids is the ideal solution. Children love to discover all that’s unique and enjoy taking part in new adventures. To this end, you’ll be able to surprise them. Perhaps some of them possess special faculties for magic, and this will be an advantageous time for them to be able to learn this. Thanks to Var magician Wonder Edwrick, you’ll be able to discuss the event and put together each of the tricks to be performed. The birthday magician entertainer has the science to have fun with the essential actor to uplift and sublimate his birthday day. The same goes for celebrating an adult’s birthday in the Var: there’s no limit to how much fun you can have with magic!

All you have to do is contact Wonder Edwrick!

You’ve been able to see that its magic and style suit all kinds of private parties, magical or otherwise! So if you want a Var magician, don’t wait any longer and contact him directly!

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