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Close-Up magician

Wonder Edwrick offers quality close-up magic. Guests are in for a hilarious, magical and unforgettable time!

My close-up magic is both :

– A variety of magic:

Close-up magic with card tricks, rope tricks, coin tricks and ordinary objects on the table (cutlery, glass, plate, napkin, etc.).

– Modern, visual magic:

Magic with captivating effects: Appearances, disappearances, transformations, transpositions, levitations etc….

– Dynamic, interactive and friendly magic:

Magic with lively effects, performed just inches from the audience’s eyes. These effects are “close-up” versions of grand illusions. With active audience participation.

– Surprising, funny and memorable magic for all audiences:

With effects that are as hard-hitting as they are comical, for maximum impact on the whole audience, they’ll still be talked about long after your event.

Close-Up magic: 100% spectacular

It’s a true close-up show, with breathtaking acts presented at close quarters and totally interactive magic. With Wonder Edwrick, magic tricks aren’t just visual, they’re also an emotional experience.


Two types of close-up magic animations

Cocktail magic

Entertainment for guests on arrival and during the aperitif.
Guests are often grouped in small committees, scattered all over the place.
The magician glides from one group to another to amaze guests between talks and aperitifs.

Table hopping

Guests gather for a meal, during which the magician moves from table to table to dazzle them.

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Wonder Edwrick

Are you looking for a magician in Cannes, Nice or Monaco?
The Wonder Edwrick magician puts all his skills and joie de vivre at your disposal to enhance your events. He is the ideal magician for magic performances such as birthday parties, hypnosis, children's shows and magic lessons! Don't hesitate to contact him!

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