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Magic for children


With 15 years’ experience entertaining children with playful magic, Wonder Edwrick is constantly innovating to amaze and amuse your children with magic tricks they’ll remember for a long time.

Let them express their inner magician!

Magie for Kids combines magic and comedy to amaze your children and make them laugh from start to finish!

Wonder Edwrick comes to your birthday parties, fairs and end-of-year shows, at home, in schools or even in leisure centers to share his passion around magic shows for children or 100% participative magic workshops!

Ideas to complement the show :

Balloon sculptures:

The children’s magician creates balloon sculptures for each child. For example, animals (dogs, cats, birds), flowers, hats… etc.


We offer magical entertainment in the form of strolling magic before or after the show, to entertain guests of all ages, especially during snacks and meals.

Magic workshop :

Introduction to magic with fun and amazing tricks, all material provided with learning support.

Make-up workshop :

A make-up artist is on hand to dress children as animals, princesses, etc. before the show begins.
( all ages )

100% Adapted

Your Wonder Edwrick magician offers children’s magic that’s both fun and educational. Come and discover some of its most emblematic towers. Quotation on request, contact him for more details.

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What makes a good magic show for kids?
A magic show for children should be a magical moment in the heart and unforgettable in the mind, whether for children or adults!
See a magic show anywhere in France?
Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to enjoy the talents of Wonder Edwrick, in the Nice region. So what do you do if you live in another region and want to see smiles on your children’s faces? Rest assured, we have a solution for you.

If you’re looking for a real magic show, turn to melkior.fr. You will be treated to a real performance with :

  • A magician’s costume just the way we like it. Magic wands, rabbits and top hats will be on hand.
  • Active participation by young audiences, with balloon sculptures and ventriloquism.
  • A source of wonder for parents too.

This magician travels throughout the Rhône-Alpes region.

If, once again, you’re not from around here, all is not lost. By visiting magicien-magie.fr, you can select your region, and watch all the magic shows taking place near you. Whether you want to hire a magician at home or attend a performance in a large hall, you’ll find what’s right for you. So don’t hesitate to follow the link.

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Wonder Edwrick

Are you looking for a magician in Cannes, Nice or Monaco?
The Wonder Edwrick magician puts all his skills and joie de vivre at your disposal to enhance your events. He is the ideal magician for magic performances such as birthday parties, hypnosis, children's shows and magic lessons! Don't hesitate to contact him!

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