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Call on a magician in Monaco for all your events!

Throughout history, magicians have always been esteemed for the shows they put on at shows and parties to which they are invited. Magic shows appeal to everyone, not just because they’re different from the usual, but also because they’re fun. Go for high-end, top-of-the-range magic with the benchmark for magicians: Wonder Edwrick. This Monaco magician offers you a collection of magic shows and various animations. So if you want to entertain your guests for team building, weddings or parties, call on a top-class magician to create the right atmosphere with a magic show.

Your magician in Monaco for a refined magic show

Trained to perform magic to perfection, Wonder Edwrick knows just how to ignite an evening and make it one to remember. These include adult birthdays, end-of-year dinners and children’s birthdays. Her challenge is to ensure that every guest, without exception, enjoys a magical moment that’s nothing short of prodigious!
If you’re planning a children’s birthday party in Monaco, a magician is the right choice for any event (children’s parties, weddings, team building, etc.).

The Monaco magician for your wedding evenings

When it comes to wedding parties, there’s nothing better than seeing every one of your happy guests having a great time with you. In this respect, in addition to each of the entertainments you have planned, it is possible for you to establish other entertainments with, for example, the production of magic shows or even bringing a magic professional to your wedding event. As long as you want to create unforgettable emotions to make your wedding evening unforgettable, you can do just that and offer your guests the chance to see live various magic tricks they thought impossible. A mentalist magician in Monaco or an illusionist will be welcome during your wedding event to brighten up each of your guests.

Call on a magician for all your corporate events

Are your evenings always the same at work? Well, you’ll always be able to achieve something distinct. How about a magic show for your company party? You’ll be able to have a professional magician in Monaco interact with you, but you’ll also be able to have each of your friends perform magic for a brief moment. Of course, you’ll have a wonderful time with the professional magician, who can teach you various magic tricks that you’ll then be able to perform at home and at your professional parties. All in all, it’ll give your party a different look, create more atmosphere and bring your guests closer together.

Magician in Monaco

Edwrick is a magician who works all over the Côte d’Azur, mainly in Monaco. He regularly performs all his magic tricks in Monte-Carlo. He continues to offer his services to individuals and businesses alike.

He takes every customer’s satisfaction very seriously, and offers his shows by quotation. His show is fully customized to meet each customer’s requirements. Wonder Edwrick is available to help animate Monaco’s most beautiful weddings, private receptions and children’s birthday parties.

Choosing a magician for your children’s birthday party in Monaco

When we talk about children, we’re talking about parties, birthdays and all kinds of activities. For a children’s birthday party in Monaco, if you don’t know what to do, you can organize a magic show at home and invite your child’s friends. Children like to understand all that’s magical, and love new experiences. With this in mind, you’ll be able to surprise them. Thanks to the Wonder Edwrick magician in Monaco, you’ll be able to discuss the event and plan all the tricks to be performed. The birthday magician entertainer has the skills to play with the key player in the party to uplift and magnify his birthday day. Also valid for celebrating an adult birthday in Monaco, there are no limits to magic fun!

magician monaco

A magician for a successful event

Whether you need mentalism for your wedding, corporate event, birthday or other special occasion, Wonder Edwirck can help. He’ll give you unique experiences that will change the way you think. For many years, he has been an expert in close-up magic. You and your guests will share unforgettable experiences.

Get in touch with Wonder Edwirck!

You’ve been able to see that his magic and style can be adapted to every kind of private party, magical or otherwise! So if you’re looking for a magician in Monaco, don’t hesitate to contact him directly!

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Wonder Edwrick

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The Wonder Edwrick magician puts all his skills and joie de vivre at your disposal to enhance your events. He is the ideal magician for magic performances such as birthday parties, hypnosis, children's shows and magic lessons! Don't hesitate to contact him!

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